• Years of Experience in Elementary Education
  • Productive & Safe Learning Environment
  • Qualified and Experienced Teaching Panel
  • Qualified Education with Modern Teaching Techniques
  • More Exposure to Extra Curricular Activities
  • We are One Creature and We are the Future


We welcome you to our website and hope to provide reassuring information, confidence and comfort in choosing a nursery for your child!

With flexible timings, very reasonable fee structure, transport facility and a proven reputation and track record, Saar Nursery is your first choice when you’re looking for the best nursery facility for your child. Saar Nursery School embraces the opportunity and privilege to be working with your child and with you, the parents. A sound nursery experience is an investment in the positive development of your child. You can be confident "Saar Nursery" is getting the best education available in the hands of our experienced and qualified teachers!

Saar Nursery provides care and early education for children from 4 months to 4 years.

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Our center

Saar Nursery is a private Nursery school in the Kingdom of Bahrain for children from 4 months to 4 years. We are situated in a residential area in Saar. The aim of our school is to provide excellent Nursery education in a happy, relaxed and secure environment. The British curriculum education emphasizes the potential of the individual in ways specific to each child.

Our mission

Saar Nursery is committed to the teaching philosophy with a belief that the most important time in a person's development is between 4 months to 4 years. Within a carefully prepared and intriguing environment and through the guidance of a loving and well-trained teacher, children are introduced to the joy of learning and move through with confidence.


Nursery is an education for life, a learning process where children are encouraged to develop at their own pace in a safe and caring environment. It is based on the child's innate need to develop intellectual and physical abilities and provides a carefully prepared environment to meet and direct this need.


Respecting and nurturing your child's dignity and ability is a critical element of our program. In our classrooms, our directresses address the specific needs of your child, who learns through work, play and practice with hands-on materials. Our teachers are keenly aware of your child's developmental needs.

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